Local Building Contractors

Recommended by ALSSO Members

Updated January 2017

Contact information for the PALS/CALS named in this list is on the ALSSO Membership list.  If you don’t have that or need some contact information, please ask the Tebos or Cathey Priddy. 


1) This is the contractor that Jeff and Jennifer Trull used and highly recommend.

Rick Bacon : Cell 509-990-6816

Email rickcbacon@gmail.com

2) The Baltzells used this contractor.  He is VA approved.  The contractor is located on the west side of the state but he uses the Baltzell’s son as a subcontractor who lives over here and does the work.

B.C.H.I. Inc: Neil Green Gen Manager.

8124-83rd PL NE. Marysville, Wa 98270

ph # 425 344 1568  Ph # 425 268 2586



3) Dan Bourson’s contractor and Dan has recommended him.  He is contracted through the VA.

Ron V Craig, Gen. Contractor

16022 N McKinnon Lane  Colbert WA 99005

Cell 509 570 3370


(Dan B. told us at our November meeting that he would recommend Ron and his work.  Dan mentioned to us that sometimes the generals may know, understand and use all the code requirements for adaptive housing, but the subcontractors may not, so you need to stay mindful of that.)

4) Morgan Noesen had his bathroom remodeled and he is currently doing a renodel for the Amin Family.

Tim Mann @ Applied Mechanical (509) 991-6332.

5)Recommended by PALS, Ken Mott, via Patrica van Curler @ the VA. Did Ron & Belinda Carson’s remodeling as well as Matt Wild’s.

Sandcreek Renovations in Sandpoint – Bill Radcliff @(208) 755-5543.  .


6) Just did new home with awesome bathroom for Don and Brandi Gore.  Gores were very happy with Tom, but did need to stay on top of the little details, they said.

      Mill Valley Homes, Tom Edwards @ (509)954-8076.

7) Did an addition which included a small kitchen and large accessible bathroom for the Kramers.  Reasonable price and Kramers were happy with the work.

         Tracey Clinton, (509) 953-6874.

8) Black Diamond Asphalt if you need any paving done to make your driveway more accessible. Did a great job for the Gore’s and work with Matt’s Place.

Daniel Bruzos (509) 818-7485

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