Our Mission

The ALS Service Organization [ALSSO] is a group of volunteers- relatives and friends of people who have had ALS plus current patients and caregivers.

Our mission is to befriend patients and caregivers, and to share resources and ideas through our meetings. We can provide PALS {People with ALS} and their caregivers and loved ones {CALS} with contact information, ideas, resources, information and small amounts of funding if possible and appropriate for needs specific to each situation. We have wheelchair platform lifts available on loan; please ask if you think you could use one.

Our Board Members

PRESIDENT                 Jerry Williams

VICE PRESIDENT      Vern Westgate

SECRETARY                Cathey Priddy

TREASURER                    Bev Tebo

BOARD MEMBERS:        Carole Williams, Pat Priddy, Pat Tebo,  Jenny Hoff & Brandi Gore