ALSSO Mission Statement

The ALSSO Mission Statement is a guide and reflection of the goals, values, and intent of the group as a whole.

“ALSSO is a 501(c)(3) based in Spokane, Washington helping families living with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). We offer support to people in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. ALSSO has no paid staff and is governed by a 10- member board. Our expenses are minimal. We provide financial assistance for adaptive equipment, mobility vans, home modification projects (including bathroom remodels) and care giving expenses. We meet monthly to allow those with ALS, along with their supporters, to share their struggles and solutions with one another and to provide much-needed emotional support.” (rev. 6-21)

ALSSO Board Members

PRESIDENT                 Desi Swenson

VICE PRESIDENT      Deb King and Brandi Gore

SECRETARY                Cathey Priddy

TREASURER                    Bev Tebo

Board Members:        Carole Williams, Pat Priddy and Morgan Noesen,

Working together under the tenets of the ALSSO Mission Statement we have been able to assist many affected by ALS. ALSSO is involved directly with bidet,and indirectly with bathroom remodel’s, mobility van purchases, and even moving assistance when necessary.

Emotional support is important for both the person with ALS (PALS) but also the caregivers (CALS). Therefore, we offer support through meals, group gatherings, grocery delivery, referrals to other foundations and agencies, and in varied ways important to each PALS/CALS in the face of this devastating disease. Therefore, it is our sincere goal to offer support to all PALS and CALS in our service area. Please contact us by phone at 509-467-8761 or click here to send an email.

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