Who We Are…….ALSSO 2023

The ALS Service Organization (ALSSO)

ALSSO (The ALS Service Organization) was originally organized in Spokane, WA in 2003 by a group of individuals with family members diagnosed with ALS for the benefit of supporting each other through friendship and support group meetings.

We received our non-profit status in December of 2008.  Originally, our goal was to meet and share concerns and experiences. Over the years and with support through donations and fundraisers, we were able to expand by helping with financial assistance for adaptive equipment, vans, home modification projects, caregiving expenses and other needed financial help within our means and by-laws.

All members of ALSSO are volunteers. Our governing board is all volunteer.  Over 99% of our donations go directly to people living with ALS in our region which covers Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Western Montana.

We meet monthly to allow those with ALS, along with their loved ones and supporters, time to share their struggles and solutions with one another.  It is a time of much needed emotional support.

We are pleased to be able to work alongside the other area foundations and groups which support people living with ALS, such as The ALS Association (ALSA), Matt’s Place Foundation, Catholic Charities, Team Gleason, and The Providence Spokane ALS Clinic at St. Luke’s.

Often time ALSSO is confused with The ALS Association (ALSA).  While we work with them (currently, Glen Garcia is their Patient Care Coordinator who is our contact and advocate), we are not associated with them in any other way.  We are a totally separate organization with different missions.  While they can work with you to provide professional help and a loan locker, we are about the friendship and interpersonal relationships to help one another.

We hope this helps you understand our ALS Service Organization (ALSSO).